danny-o-reilly said: Nonners needs some glasses.

Truer words have never been said.

Anonymous asked:
Your face reminds me of that Taylor Swift chick.

Are you blind or just confused?

Inexplicable Happiness

Is always a good thing. I guess I just woke up on the right side of the bed…that, or this is foreshadowing wonderful things to come. I like both of those options.

Right, officially breaking this anti-social spell I’ve got going on. I can’t function this way. What’s going on Bradford?

Anonymous asked:
Dear best friend, Dear future me, Dear person I like

Dear best friend,

Who am I kidding, you’re basically my sister. I don’t think I’ve got too many awesome memories that you aren’t a part of…I know our parents did- and still do- a lot of stupid shit but being friends with each other was the one positive thing because that gave me you. In a dark sea of classlessness, you shine your tasteful light. If everyone else was just like us, the world would be an infinitely more pleasant place. I love you, especially when you’re a bitch. No-one even comes close B. Absolutely no-one. 

Lots of love,



Dear future me,

Please tell me you don’t turn out to be like mother dearest. The whole Upper East Side, uptight lady who lunches thing is seriously unbecoming. I hope you’re happy, still as free as you’ve always wanted to be and doing all the things that you love. Please make sure Blair stops Tristan from bringing back the guillotine as a form of punishment for basic bitches all over the Commonwealth. Yes, yes, it would be fun but then he’d go down in history as Tristan the Terrible and we wouldn’t want that. Be as fabulous as I am now and you’ll be fine. I know it.


The younger, hotter you.


Dear person I like,

You are a figment of someone else’s imagination. You do not exist to me. Please tell the people to whom you are real not to ask me to write you letters. It makes me feel slightly odd. Thank you and goodbye.

Cassieopeia Vanderbilt